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It's Britney bitch! This fan page is for my idol BritneySpears as i love her so much.She is my inspiration and my idol forever She's the original, she's unforgettable, she`s the best selling female of the decade she sold over 200million records. 7 albums, 7 tours, duet with Michael Jackson & Madonna, my idol since 1998. she's BRITNEY SPEARS LIVING LEGEND YOU CANT LOOK BUT DONT TOUCH


(During Her Breakdown - After Her Breakdown)

“It’s weird like, you can see the cruelest part of the world. The cruelest part. But then on the other side you see the most beautiful part, do you know? And it’s like you go from one extreme to the next and they’re both worth it, because you wouldn’t see one without the other. But that cruel part, is damn cruel and you’ll never forget it. But that heaven…is heaven. So it’s like I’ve been to both places.” - Britney Spears

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Oh Lord forgive me the sins of my soul and the sins of my body, my secret and my whispering sins, the sins I have done to please myself and the sins I have done to please others. Forgive those sins which I know, and the sins which I know not; forgive them, O Lord, forgive them all of Thy great goodness. Amen
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